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About Tracey Daniels

Certified Equine Nutrition Specialist, Emmett Muscle Practitioner, Hoofcare Specialist,  rider, competitor

Since riding my first horse at 5 and having an instant connection and love with horses, I have developed skills in many areas of the equine industry.

I started my first horse at 14 and didn’t like the traditional methods so I followed my instinct and used only gentle methods.

That mare became my best friend and teacher in a relationship which spanned 32 years.

The same mare developed sidebone (ossification of the cartilidge on the side of the foot) at the age of 20 years and vets told me that she would only have 6 months and the lameness would be too debilitating and she would have to put down. After much research I discovered barefoot trimming and studied this technique and applied it to my mare.

Her lameness completely disappeared and she was with me for another 12 years.

I have since studied Equine Muscle Therapy (Emmett Therapy), “Natural Horsemanship”, Hoof Mechanism (barefoot trimming) and became a Certified Equine Nutrition Specialist.

I have shown horses at the top level and bred Arabians and Palominos since early childhood.

My wide experience has allowed me unique insight into equine biomechanics, interaction with the rider and the effects of different training methods upon the horse.

This insight often provides clues to unsoundness that may have otherwise been overlooked. Has your horse had long term issues that have not been resolved? Or have you recently noticed something amiss, some unusual behaviour?