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How to have a Happy Healthy Horse……….Naturally? Your horse will look his best, feel his best, perform at his best and he/she will love you for it. Certified Equine Nutrition, Muscle Therapy and Hoofcare are all required to achieve peak performance.

As a Equine Nutrition Specialist I can advise feed requirements, and supplements. I can assist with horses and ponies that suffer with issues such as Laminitis, Metabolic Syndrome and Cushings.

My Emmett Muscle Therapy technique is a gentle, non-invasive form of bodywork that helps to improve performance, treats pain and discomfort and releases restrictions in the body.

Results are visible, often instantaneous and they hold. Emmett therapy can achieve profound changes in the body, as restrictions in muscles, tendons and ligaments are released and circulation and lymphatic flow improve.

Equine Nutrition for resolving problems

You will be amazed at how many issues are actually diet related. Diagnosed with Metabolic syndrome, laminitis, ‘sacroiliac’ problems, head-flicking/shaking, allergies and skin conditions, buck or spook people off, or have endless trouble with saddle-fitting.

Emmett for performance

For competitive horses, unrestricted movement can be the difference between winning and losing. Emmett can help to increase length of stride, lift over jumps and flexibility.

Emmett therapy can have enormous benefits for high performance horses, where reach, power and recovery are vital

Champion stallion at stud

Crystal Sands offers multi-champion Palomino Arabian stallion Parisian Platinum and Gold – “The Sandman” at stud. Breeding to this beautiful stallion is available by chilled semen.

Parisian Platinum and Gold - The Sandman at stud
Testimonial for Crystal Sands & Tracey Daniels

At the start of the 2015 show season my palomino welsh gelding came home from being leased. During that time away he was treated with different methods due to him being extremely sore in both his front end and sciatic area. Unfortunately these treatments only gave him some symptomatic relief, but did not address the cause.Tracey from Crystal Sands used a technique call Emmett therapy. Scooby had 3 treatments over a period of 3 weeks. That weekend Scooby competed and won all his show classes including champion ridden. He has continued winning multiple champions and supremes under saddle for the 2015/2016 show season with only the occasional follow up treatment.I would highly recommend Tracey (Crystal Sands Therapy) and always call her for any soreness issues.

Crystal Sands testimonial

 I have a pure arab sensitive mare who was very unhappy. Hated being lunged, would bite when doing up girth. Very anxious, always chomping at the bit. Never relaxed, comfortable or happy. Tried everything from feed, saddle fittings, ergonomic girth. Treatment for anxiety, tying up, ulcers. People used to say just push her through it. A good friend suggested I try Emmett therapy. Thought, why not. ?  Well the change was  almost instant. By the third session I had a totally different horse. Just amazing !!! I’m not exactly sure how it works but for my mare it was just incredible. Seriously the best results. Highly recommend Tracey, she truely cares about the horses. Best money I ever spent.